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How to use the slimming machine(人气:) 
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Using the balanced side motion and amplitude superposition principle in sports science, the whole body's fat is exercised, calories are consumed, and excess body fat is eliminated. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes per day to burn the corresponding calories.

Through the high-speed rotation of the variable frequency motor, it quickly and efficiently impacts and pushes out a large amount of excess fat in the body, and activates the elastic fibers of the buttocks, thighs, waist and abdomen to prevent the re-generation and accumulation of excess fat, and accelerate the energy of the intractable fat. Metabolism, can achieve the body and slimming effect efficiently and perfectly.

Here is a brief introduction to the three best and most common steps.

1. When using the slimming machine, try to use the standing position, because during the standing process, the abdomen as the center of the body receives the largest amplitude of vibration, so the frequency of fat movement is greater. This will be more conducive to weight loss. Of course, if you don't like to stand, you can also try other ways such as meditation yoga. 2. In the course of weight loss, the food is as low-calorie and high-protein as possible, which is more conducive to the consolidation of the effect. 3. After successfully losing the small belly, continue to use the slimming machine products, and maintain good habits, the small belly is